electrod: First public release of Electrod

Ajouté par David Chemouil il y a 11 mois

Electrod is now available publically, under the MPL 2.0. This is a complete rewrite of our compiler for Electrum models, but working at a lower level (similar to the level of Kodkod for Alloy), while the upper layers are addressed by the new Electrum Analyzer (an evolution of the Alloy Analyzer), mainly developed by Nuno Macedo and Alcino Cunha at INESC TEC/U. Minho.

Wireless : Journée Wireless le 15 Juin

Ajouté par Bruno Ausbourg (d') il y a plus d'un an

Cette journée prend la forme d'un workshop. Ouverte aux équipes de l'ONERA et à des industriels intéressés par la problématique de l'introduction de liaisons sans fil pour des systèmes embarqués critiques, abordée par le PRF, elle a pour objectif de présenter l'avancement des travaux du projet Wireless.

Electrum Analyzer: Electrum Analyzer 0.3.5

Ajouté par David Chemouil il y a plus de 2 ans

Electrum Analyzer 0.3.5 is now released. It fixes a few bugs and adds a few improvements to the SMV file generation strategy.

It will soon be available through opam too.

Electrum Analyzer: Electrum Analyzer 0.3.4 released and added to OCaml's opam

Ajouté par David Chemouil il y a environ 3 ans

Electrum Analyzer 0.3.4 is now released and available through opam, the package management system for OCaml.

In a shell, type the following to get it:

opam update
opam install electrumAnalyzer

The dependencies for the package may be a bit over-constrained, this will be relaxed in the next release.

Electrum Analyzer: First public release of the Electrum Analyzer

Ajouté par David Chemouil il y a environ 3 ans

Electrum Analyzer is released under the GNU GPL 3.0 or later. It has been developed by Onera, with the participation of IRIT.

robotpkg-onera: New "orocos-yarp_transport" package

Ajouté par Charles Lesire il y a plus de 5 ans

The Orocos YARP transport is now available as a robotpkg package. Get it now:

cd robotpkg/onera
svn update
cd orocos-yarp_transport
make update

robotpkg-onera: New packages "libHTN" and "orocos-dot_service"

Ajouté par Charles Lesire il y a plus de 5 ans

Two new packages are available in robotpkg-onera:
- libHTN, a library to manage Hierarchical Task Networks
- orocos-dot_service, an Orocos service to create architecture 'dot' views

robotpkg-onera: Installation instructions for robotpkg-onera

Ajouté par Charles Lesire il y a plus de 5 ans


robotpkg is a compilation framework and packaging system for installing robotics software developed by the robotic community.
It also contains packages for some general, third-party open-source software that the robotics software depends on
and that is not commonly packaged by major unix distributions.

Each package in robotpkg has its own version control system and build system and robotpkg acts merely as an automated wrapper
to build and install software and its dependencies. The packaged software does not depend in any way on robotpkg, so that
manual installation (without robotpkg) is always possible. robotpkg itself is lightweight, in the sense that only
the packages you are interested in will be downloaded and installed.

robotpkg is based on the NetBSD Package System, also known as pkgsrc and is released under an open-source,
BSD license (note that each individual package has its own license, which is usually open-source, but not necessarily).

To install and use robotpkg, see the official robogpkg page


robotpkg-onera contains the description of a collection of packages developed at Onera.


Once you have installed robotpkg, you can add the robotpkg-onera packages with:

cd robotpkg
svn co onera

The packages can then be installed by going to the onera/package folder and typing

make update

Package list

To obtain the package list of robotpkg-onera :

cd robotpkg/onera
make index

then open the index.html file.

ASTRAD: Mise en place de la forge ASTRAD le 7 juin 2011

Ajouté par Thierry Marchon il y a plus de 7 ans

Mise en place


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