Latest projects

  • cwipi (01/28/2020 04:35 PM)


  • AI4aerospace (01/07/2020 08:58 AM)

    Wiki for the collaboration between DLR and ONERA : AI4Aerospace Engineering.

  • HCERES DTIS (07/09/2019 01:56 PM)

    Cette forge a pour but de mettre à disposition du comité d'évaluation HCERES des informations et des documents.

  • SSA_ICARE_NG2 (02/04/2019 04:26 PM)

    Two radiation monitoring hosted payload: SSA-ICARE-NG2

    All documentation related to the project is made available on this forge. Acces is restricted to the consortium and ESA.

  • MMT - Planificateur d'actions (01/14/2019 02:59 PM)

    Projet Man-Machine Teaming - Planificateur d'actions pour Dassault Aviation