Architecture & Simulation Tool for Radar Analysis & Design

    Projet d'évolutions ASTRAD

  • Clean Sky 2 Airframe WP 4.2 - Load Control

    Clean Sky 2 Airframe WP 4.2 - Load Control

    Cette Forge est mise à disposition pour des échanges de données et d'informations sur le projet Clean Sky 2 Airframe WP 4.2 - Load Control.

  • CoCoSim

    CoCoSim is a modular, integrated analysis framework for Simulink(c) models.

    The user 'guest' (passwd: 'oneraguest') can be used to file a bug report or access read-only section of the Forge.

    CoCoSim is a collaborative project between ONERA, NASA Ames, CMU and ENSEEIHT. It aims at providing a toolchain in order to go from Matlab/Simulink model to verified Lustre/Prelude source code....

  • electrod

    Electrod is a model finder for first-order linear temporal logic with relations, transitive closure and partial domains.

    Electrod is not released yet.

    As of now, Electrod relies on NuSMV or nuXmv (default), so you must at least install one of them. ...

  • Electrum Analyzer

    Electrum is a formal specification language mixing relational first-order logic (RFOL) and linear temporal logic (LTL), mainly inspired by Alloy and TLA+.

  • InCELL

    Mise à disposition des fonctionnalités jugés indispensables dans InCELL pour les développeurs.

  • Prelude

    Languages for programming critical real-time systems.

    Note: The user 'guest' (passwd: 'oneraguest') can be used to file a bug report or access read-only section of the Forge.

    Source code control:

  • Previsio

    Suivi du développement du code Previsio au sein du PR Previsio

  • diagXtrm

    diagXtrm is a tool to diagnose the applicability of the Extreme Value Theory (EVT) to time series.
    From a time series we provide average statistics and results of the EVT application as well as the statistical tests results to quantify the confidence in EVT applicability....


      The forge will collect the results from Fabrice Guet Ph.D. thesis: the DIAGXTRM tool in its developed versions, trace of measurements to be analyzed with DIAGXTRM from the different collaborations (with Many-cores Kalray CISTER - Porto, GPUs CISTER - Porto, ISAE, industrial partners etc.), and the publications made during his thesis....


    MAUVE is a validation toolchain based on a Domain Specific Language. This DSL allows to model the software architecture of a robot using a component-based approach. From these models, we provide tools to generate deployable components, as well as a two-step validation phase. This validation first performs a real-time analysis of the component architecture, leading to an evaluation of the software architecture schedulability. Then we can check the validity of some behavioral property on the components....

  • robotpkg-onera

    contains the description of the 'robotpkg' packages developped or maitained by Onera researchers

  • Schedmcore

    SchedMCore: Scheduling tools for Multi- or Many- Core architecture.

    The user 'guest' (passwd: 'oneraguest') can be used to file a bug report or access read-only section of the Forge.

    SVN repository (RO anonymous access):

  • Wireless

    WIreless REal time criticaL Embedded SystemS

    L’objectif des travaux scientifiques et techniques menés dans le cadre de ce PRF est de fournir des éléments de réponse convaincants sur la faisabilité du concept « communication sans fil » au sein d’architectures de systèmes temps réel embarqués et critiques de type avioniques et d’en proposer une démonstration....

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